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" I am lonely. I’ve been like that since I was young. But I think I am a person that needs to be lonely. "
by 「최승현」Choi Seunghyun, 10Asia Interview November 2013 (via topswisewords)

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" Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. Sometimes that beauty is too much for me to handle. Do you know that feeling? When something is just too beautiful? When someone says something or writes something or plays something that moves you to the point of tears, maybe even changes you. "
by Mark Oliver Everett, Things The Grandchildren Should Know (via fleurlungs)

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i carry a flower with me everywhere i go.

" Trust me to know my own feelings. Don’t assume you know what’s best for me. "
by Jen Frederick, Undeclared (via jongkat)

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Don’t try to live so wise.

Don’t cry ‘cause you’re so right.

Don’t dry with fakes or fears,

'Cause you will hate yourself in the end.

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" Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered. "
by Yasmin Mogahed  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Can u believe there are plants that are illegal

Can you believe there is love that is illegal

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" Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth, and your attitude. "
by Mandy Hale  (via seulray)

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" Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define if for you. "

Robert Greene

—— This is my mantra.

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